ARCS Light Award Winners

The ARCS Light Award is a distinctive honor awarded to a member who has given the highest quality of long-term service to ARCS Foundation. One ARCS Light may be chosen by her Chapter each year, though there is no requirement that the award be given every year.

The ARCS Light is honored at the Chapter’s annual meeting and at the ARCS Foundation National Annual Meeting.

A candidate for the ARCS Light Award must have been an active member for at least three years, have served on a variety of committees as well as on the Chapter Board, have given continuous service that has had a positive impact on the ARCS Foundation, have demonstrated a willingness to serve, have respect for ARCS Foundation leadership and membership, and be an exemplary representative of ARCS Foundation to her fellow members and to the community.

These ARCS Foundation Orange County members have received the ARCS Light Award:

2024 - Stephanie Beckman
2023 - Jacqueline Rojas
2022 - Nan Hultgren
2021 - Anna Papio
2020 - Chandra Jain
2019 - Carol Malouf
2018 - Marie Richman
2017 - Judy Greenspon
2016 - Ellen Lewis
2015 - Barbara Hamkalo
2014 - Linda Crans
2013 - Kathleen Kerrigan
2012- Kathy Rolfes
2011 - Rose Marie Nesbit
2010 - Diana Casey
2009 - Ann Rowe
2008 - Peggy Stemler
2007 - Sue Alexopoulos
2006 - Joan Torres
2005 - Terri Carr
2004 - Mary Lou Furnas
2003 - Eve Thompson
2002 - Patricia Beckman
2001 - Ann Bishop
2000 - France Campbell