2019-2020 Scholar Awards

ARCS Foundation Orange County is proud to showcase our 2019-2020 brilliant Scholars’ research in a virtual format to fulfill the ARCS experience. It is thrilling to see the dedication, intelligence and innovation of these student scientists.  



Contribute to our fundraising challenge July 21st through Friday, July 31st and help us fund three new 2020-2021 Scholars! 

With your help, our brilliant student scientists are meeting current challenges and forging ahead and beyond into the future. A donation of any size is greatly appreciated now, and we hope you will consider a full $5,000 named Scholar Award sponsorship.

“The personal touch [of ARCS] with the student is of significant emotional importance to the student.”  Nick Alexopoulos, Dean Emeritus, Endowed Presidential Chair, Henry Samueli School of Engineering.



ARCS funds reward selected students for their achievements and provide critical financial resources to help unleash their potential. ARCS Scholar Awards are unrestricted funds, awarded directly to outstanding young scientists, to give them the opportunities and encouragement to thrive, helping them to complete their degree in a timely manner.  100% of funds raised for Scholar Awards go to the Scholars.

 Schools select the award recipients in accordance with eligibility criteria established by ARCS.  The Scholars must be academically outstanding and have demonstrated strong leadership and communication skills with a willingness to speak to a lay audience about their research.


Please enjoy the dynamic research of this year’s scholar presentations within the School of their study.


School of Biological Sciences
Dean Frank M. LaFerla, Ph.D.

Scholar: Amanda McQuade

Scholar: Rachel Waymack
Elizabeth Blackburn Scholar 











Henry Samueli School of Engineering
Dean Gregory N. Washington, Ph.D.

Scholar: Maryam Asghari
Dr. Jesus A. Castaneda Scholar
Donors: Nick & Sue Alexopoulos

Scholar: Chloe Groome
NPI Services Scholar
Donor: Judy Greenspon

Scholar: Melissa Thone
Beckman Coulter Scholar
Donor: Beckman Coulter

Scholar: Bryce Wilson



Donald Bren School of Information
and Computer Sciences

Dean Marios C. Papaefthymiou, Ph.D.

Scholar: Olivia Bernstein

Scholar: Amanda Cullen

Scholar: Daniel Gardner

Scholar: Paul Kirth
Beckman Coulter Scholar











School of Medicine
Dean Michael J. Stamos, M.D.

Scholar: Morgan Dragan
Carol Malouf & Robert Malouf Scholar
Donors: Carol Malouf & Robert Malouf

Scholar: Gianna Fote
Joan Torres Memorial Scholar
Donor: Barbara Hamkalo

Scholar: Brianna Hoover
Hamkalo Family Scholar
Donor: Barbara Hamkalo

Scholar: Nicole Stivers



School of Physical Sciences
Dean James Bullock, Ph.D.

Scholar: Jesse Kreger

Scholar: Alexandra Perebikovsky
Jain Family Scholar
Donor: Family of Chandra Jain

Scholar: Rebecca Riley






We hope you enjoyed our 2019-2020 Scholar Awards presentations and we graciously thank you for your support!