Who We Are

There will be a time when renewable energy is abundant and affordable, when cures for common diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and HIV/AIDS will be found, when clean water will be accessible by all and clean living will be ubiquitous, when mankind will be safe in the face of cataclysmic forces of nature. And the people who will make that happen are researching now to understand the root causes of problems and to apply their intelligence and ingenuity to answer the great questions in science, engineering and medicine.

ARCS Foundation Orange County supports and nurtures young American women and men in graduate programs at UC Irvine to take on the science challenges of today and tomorrow.

ARCS Foundation Orange County is one of 15 ARCS Foundation Chapters nationwide, operating independently under the umbrella of ARCS Foundation National.

Located in the heart of Orange County in a city named “Safest City in America” for five consecutive years, the University of California, Irvine enjoys the best of what Southern California has to offer: beaches, mountains, deserts, and a broad variety of cultural, entertainment and intellectual activities. At the center of campus, the 21-acre Daniel Aldrich Park creates an oasis of serenity from which buildings radiate in a circular pattern, integrating natural open space with modern structure.

UC Irvine is committed to excellence through diversity. It strives to enroll academically talented students representative of the population, including those traditionally underrepresented in various academic fields. UC Irvine’s goal of promoting diversity among faculty, students and staff shapes endeavors in teaching, research and public service.

Please contact us at orangecounty@arcsfoundation.org