Current Scholars

Orange County Chapter provides awards to exceptional PhD students at UC Irvine. The year 2016-17 the chapter has funded 15 ARCS Scholars. 

At our Awards Dinner, the ARCS Scholars showcase their contributions in the fields of science, engineering and medicine and, enlight us with their vision for a better future. This yearly event is a wonderful chance to meet the ARCS Scholars, and learn about their research during the poster session/reception. Keynote speakers are second year ARCS Scholars who speak about their research. 

First year ARCS Scholars
Alyssa Braciszewsk

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (Biological Sciences) 

Anastasia Shuba

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (Engineering) 

Christine Schneider

Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 

Christopher Wood

Earth System Science (Physical Sciences) 

Kathryn Ringland

Informatics (Information & Computer Sciences)

Nabila Haque

Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (Medicine)

Patrick Salveson

Chemistry (Physical Sciences) 

Second year ARCS Scholars
Lisa (Soyeon) Baik

Physiology & Biophysics (Medicine) 

Timothy Carleton

Physics & Astronomy (Physical Sciences)

Dominique Ingato

Chemical Engineering (Engineering)

Allison Najafi

Neurobiology & Behavior (Biological Sciences)

Christine Wolf

Informatics (Information & Computer Sciences) 

Roche/ARCS 3rd year Scholars
Zachariah Reagh

Neurobiology & Behavior (Biological Sciences) 

Caitlin Regan

Biomedical Engineering (Engineering)

Elyse VanSpyk

Biological Chemistry (Medicine)