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ARCS Orange County Chapter's "Lunch with a Scientist"

Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

At the annual ARCS Orange County Chapter's "Lunch With Scientist" - Feb 3, 2016 Professor Greg Weiss, UCI Professor of Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry discussed the fascinating and surprising universe of the very small, measured in nanometers.  His inventions manipulate the nanometer-scale world of proteins.  For example, his laboratory invented a mechanical machine for driving proteins into their natural, beautifully folded states.  To demonstrate the power of this approach, he and his co-workers demonstrated the recovery of a key protein in the egg whites of hard-boiled eggs, a feat termed “unboiling an egg” by news outlets from around the world. This exciting lecture followed a wonderful lunch for our ARCS Orange County members and guests at the UCI Faculty Club.   Read more about Dr. Weiss's research in the UCI News feature "UCI, fellow chemists find a Way to Unboil Eggs"